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Originally, this database started out as just a bunch of Bible Verses listed by topic that was first helped by the idea that I often save papers from church camps and other activities, it also started when my best friend (and ex-girlfriend) Katie, gave me a a red notebook in which to start organizing this information. Soon after that the amount of information that I had, started growing to an amount that was larger than that notbook could hold. While I still have that notebook and use it for unorganized stuff, I quickly started playing with a Microsoft Access database.

With the MS Access database, I started figuring out ways in which this large amount of data could be organized. Even now as I look back this amount of data was almost nothing compared to what I can only imagine that this database will one day hold. As I continued, I found ways to hold vereses, links to other webpages, and quotes from various sources. I also recieved encouragement to add various features such as the ability to search through topics (with some limitation) and also to have the database contain cross-references. Both of these things are at the moment only seen fully in my imagination.

Although I mention a MS Access database, that is long gone. A while back after getting upset at the fact that a MS Access database could only provide limited functionality in the way of a web interface, I very quickly and after a lot of decision and prayer, decided to use a mySQL database. Around the same time, I choose to not use the ASP file syntax, partially because Visual Basic isn't necessarily a friendly language, as a result I choose PHP.

A couple of items that I have had thoughts of, and you might notice elements of these things as you look around, are related to verse to software links, and also being able to customize the displays. This is one of the parts of the database access pages that I have decided to make work on a per user basis only. One other thing that I am open to is the idea of others who would like to provide some assistance in adding verses and other information into the database. There are some guidlines to which I would like to follow in this aspect, if you would liket to help, please send me a message. This is done through a interface that is part of this website layout. I would say at the moment, probably 99% or more of the additions have been put in the database by this method.

Some versions of this database access software called "TRC," are used for matters that do not have much to do with religion at all. I choose to call it "TRC" which is an abbreviation for "Topical Resource Center" because of how this database started as a list of topics to verses, it has grown much since then. The main goal of this project which is always a work in progress is to assist other laypersons in their ministry by providing them access to as much topical reference material that is organized as I can. Of course, I cannot necessarily do this by myself, in the aspect of inputting the data myself. This is because not only do I use notes from Bible Studies that I attend, but periodically I will put information in from various sources such as "Nave's Topical Bible" and "Luther's Small Catechism." I can greatly use any help and encouragement that I can recieve. If you are interested in contacting me about anything you have read, please click here.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
Dan Adams
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